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Web Two Point Oh!

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Web 2.0


"The term Web 2.0 (pronounced "web two point Oh") was conceived in 2005 to describe a new breed of websites that use newer web authoring tools, are low learning curves (for the user) and support a collaborative environment ... usually free and usually just all done in a web browser" from Shambles


June 2006 Big Mouth Media News


"Web 2.0 isn't about a sudden single new development, but instead the gradual emergence of a new type of practice. Web 2.0 is an ongoing transition of the World Wide Web from a collection of web pages into a fully functional computing platform. In other words, instead of the internet just being a place with lots of websites, the Web 2.0 concept is its change into an over-arching application that you will be able to use seamlessly and which is integral to the concept of 'Search' in the future." - 2006 Big Mouth Media News



Web 2.0 from Wikipedia


Web 2.0 Awards 2007 - the Best of the Best Web 2.0 Applications

Web 2.0 from Shambles.net


101 Fantastic Freebies from PCWorld


Web 2.0 Article from EDUCAUSE


K-12 Educators Guide to Web 2.0


Coming Of Age: an introduction to the the new world wide web

                     Free 90 Plus Page International Collaboration


K12 Online Conference 2007


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