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RSS Feeds

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 Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?



RSS in Plain English

One of the best explanations of RSS from the

Common Craft Blog 


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VideoJug: Practical RSS: Introduction To RSS - Episode 1



VideoJug: Practical RSS: Keeping Current - RSS And News - Episode 2



7 Things You Need to Know About RSS


25 New Ways to Use RSS =


Recommended RSS Feeds for Educators



What is RSS? - an Educator's Perspective from John Evans 


Shawn Wheeler's Excellent Video Explaining RSS


Explaining RSS the Oprah Way! - An Explanation of RSS for the Non Geek



What is RSS? - an Educator's Perspective - Click on the PLAY button


RSS: A Quick Start Guide for Educators from Will Richardson - 11 page PDF file


Jenny Levine's Presentation Page A gold mine of information


Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators - RSS and more by Quentin D'Souza Terrific Resource


RSS Ideas for Educators from Quentin D'Souza - 35 pages of ideas in a PDF file


What are RSS Feeds and Why Should You Care? from Amy Gahran - Tremendous Information


RSS Quicktime Movie Animation from Wesley Fryer


Web Creation - RSS (Rich Site Summary)


PEW Internet and American Life Project July 2005


35 Ways You Can Use RSS Today



News Aggregators


Reviews of RSS Readers






My Blogroll


Setting Up A Bloglines Account PDF File via David Warlick


Google Reader


RSS Compendium




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RSS Tools


RSS Calendar


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