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7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting


Say it Again...Improving Student Learning Through Podcasting

Shawn Wheeler's Excellent Online Podcasting Information


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Podcasting in the Curriculum


Podcasting in the Classroom Ideas


Podcasting Across the Curriculum

    - ManACE AGM Presentation June 5, 2007


Poducate Me - Practical Solutions for Podcasting in the Classroom 

  Learn how to bring the benefits of podcasting to your classroom 


Podcasting - A VoiceThread Introduction


Classroom Audio Podcasting by Wesley Fryer


Sample Podcasts


David Warlick's Podcasting for Educators


iPods and Podcasting in Education


Wesley Fryer's Podcasting Page


Julie Lindsay's Podcasting Resources Page


How To Podcast - Tutorials from Jason Van Orden


More Podcasting Resources from teacher Shaun Else


Darren Kuropatwa's Podcasting Info and More 


Podcasting Tools from Chris Smith


Podcasting Legal Guide


How Podcasting Works from HowStuffWorks


Lit2Go - Free MP3 Audio of Classic Literature K - 12


Audacity Resources


Audacity Software - Free Download


Audacity Tutorial Videos Excellent Tutorials


Short Audacity Features Video


Wes Fryer's Audacity Quick Start Guide


Audio Recording with Audacity from Alan Levine


Audacity Video Tutorials on YouTube


Audacity Help Wiki


Audacity Tutorials from Audacity


Five Part Audacity Tutorial by Antony Hubmayer


General Podcasting Tutorials Using Audacity - includes audio and screencast


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Podcasting Services


PodOmatic - Free Podcasting Host



PodOmatic Review on cNet's Web 2.0 Blog


Gcast - Free Podcasting Host


Odeo - Free Podcasting Host


Slidestory - Combines Pictures and Podcasting


Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder

This is an updated model to the VN-960PC which doesn't appear to be available from Best Buy or Future Shop anymore but is still available on e-Bay. Just be certain it comes with the cable and software if you go that route.


Fonopod - Listen to Your Favourite Podcasts on the Phone


Free Music for Podcasts


AudioMixer Neat site from Cinnamon Crunch Cereal where users create music by mixing sounds from a number of instruments. File can be exported as MP3. Thanks to Manitoba teacher Clarence Fisher for posting this on his Remote Access blog.


Magnatune Commercial music which has been given permissions to use in podcasts.


Royalty Free Music- New June 20, 2007


Digital Music Creation from Wesley Fryer


The Red Ferret Journal One Million Free and Legal Music Tracks


The Wired CD Sixteen songs that users can sample.




The Free Sound Project


Hall Davidson's Sound Resources Page


Oldies Music


PCDon's Music Pages Lots of Free Midi Files Plus Older Classics




Absolute Sound Effects Archive: 1980+ Free Sound Effects




Partners in Rhyme: Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects


Podcasting Examples


Adventures in Podcasting


SFX Podcasting Journeys


Scottish Students' First Podcasting Effort


Podcast for Teachers


Grandview School - Excellent examples of podcasting in the elementary classroom


K12 Wiki Podcasting


Coming of Age Booklet - The Audio Version



Podcasting Projects


Our City Podcast A very neat project to get your class started in podcasting. Loads of ideas and strategies!


The Village Elementary Podcasting Project


The Weekend Project - A Good How-To Podcast Guide


WillowWeb Project



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