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Flickr Toys and More: Every Picture Tells a Story

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Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It - Rod Stewart (YouTube)


Telling a Story in One Image


Five Card Stories


One of the best ways to infuse technology into your classroom experience is to have students create their own primary data with a digital camera. Cameras are an easy to use and motivating tool for students. Instead of searching the Internet for a copyright free image to use, have them create their own pictures whenever possible. 


*There are a number of ways that these tools can be used in most  classroom curriculum. This document is also available as a Google Doc where individuals can collaborate and develop further uses of tools such as this with students of all ages. Contact me at joevans1@gmail.com to join in the collaboration.


*LwICT and Flickr Toys and More 


Automotivator - Maybe the Easiest Motivational Poster Creation Tool!


**Sample Motivotional Quotes

**Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Collection






Flickr Toys







***Block Posters   Example Poster










Add Letters - Sign Generators  














TuxPi -Photo Editor







More Digital Creation Sites


10 Sites for Playing with Images of Students







ImageChef - Check out the More Categories section




Fun Photo Box - Make Funny Pictures Online



Some Sample Images




28 Online Photo Editing Websites To have Fun With 


Printing Your Image Creations on a PC







Picnik           DrPic                                Pixlr      Resize Your Image


SnipShot      Improve Your Images        Pixenate 


Phoenix       SumoPaint                         Change Images




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